Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conservation of Water Resources

10-Litre Challenge

The 10-Litre Challenge was introduced in 2006 to encourage Singaporeans to reduce their daily water consumption by 10 litres. Besides introducing useful tips on how to conserve water, the programme also includes other initiatives such as water volunteer groups, a labeling scheme for water-efficient appliances, and promoting the use of dual-flush low-capacity flushing cisterns.

Mandatory Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme
The voluntary water efficiency labeling scheme was launched as part of the 10-Litre Challenge. Since Mar 2008, more than 500 products have been labelled, including taps and washing machines. This allows consumers to make informed choices prior to purchase. In view of the favourable response, the labeling scheme will be made compulsory from July 2009. For a start, taps, flushing cisterns and urinals must come with water efficiency labels. The mandatory scheme may be extended to showerheads and washing machines in future, when more water efficient models are available.

10% Challenge
The non-domestic sector accounts for half the water consumption in Singapore. On Feb 2008, the 10% Challenge was announced to reduce the water consumption of non-domestic users by up to 10% if not more. This challenge stands to benefit users, as reductions in water consumption means overall greater cost savings. Over the next 3 to 5 years, PUB will engage the different sectors to help them lower their water consumption, starting off with government and commercial buildings.
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